How Much Does It Cost to Paint A 2 Bedroom Apartment? 

Painting your apartment revitalizes worn-out walls, lights up dim spots, and enables you to establish a cohesive color scheme. 

But the question here is, ‘how much does it cost to paint a 2 bedroom apartment?’ Whether you are living in Scarborough or Yorkville, this is a commonly asked query. 

Plus, you may wonder; is it worthwhile to paint the interior of my condo or apartment? How can I locate a reputable, experienced apartment painting contractor? Should I paint my apartment myself? Which paints work best for an apartment’s interior walls?

This comprehensive guide will help you fully comprehend the price to paint a 2 bedroom apartment, the elements determining apartment painting pricing, and the advantages of hiring expert painters, whether you’re a property manager, apartment owner, or tenant. 

First Things First, How Are Painting Prices Determined?

If you’re wondering how much painting will cost, most painters charge by the hour. 

The cost to paint will increase with the perimeter of the area they will cover, and they will also likely estimate the total number of hours it will take to finish your painting project, including prep work, materials, and labor. 

The price may also increase if there are intricate decorations, such as ceiling flowers.

How Much Does a Painter Charge Per Hour in Toronto?

For a two-bedroom apartment, a painter can typically charge between $35 to $70 per hour and less for a two-bedroom apartment. 

If the project requires preliminary work, such as moving furniture or other items from the room, you should expect to spend more because that should be a reasonable fee. Every painter bills for extra labor per square meter.

The number of walls that need to be painted in your apartment and whether you need more than one coat to get the desired color per square meter will determine how much painting labor will cost. 

For larger rooms with several walls, a higher ceiling, more intricate design elements, doors, materials, and ceilings, be prepared to pay the painters extra. 

Of course, if you hire a professional painter or painting firm, the labor expenses will already be included in your quote based on their hourly rate and will be calculated as a flat rate per square meter that includes all the prep work.

Cost To Paint A 2-Bedroom Apartment

A two-bedroom apartment normally costs between $500 and $1500 to paint, assuming that the condo’s size and condition are average. The cost of paint, supplies, and labor are included in this amount. It is crucial to keep in mind that this price range is only an estimate and may change depending on particular circumstances.

The Price of Self-Painting an Apartment

Painting the apartment yourself will cost more than simply the materials. When thinking about painting your apartment, time is also important because it takes a lot of time and work to do it correctly. The below expenses, excluding time, are probably going to cost between $500 and $1,000. 

Depending on the quality of the paint, the cost of a gallon of paint for this can range from $30 to $80. Typically, one gallon only covers 350 square feet. 

Additionally, you will probably need primer, which will cost between $30 and $40 for the cans required to complete the job, and a second coat of paint, which could require a few extra gallons of paint. 

In addition, painting requires the use of brushes, rollers, tape, and basins. Despite the availability of inexpensive solutions, using high-quality materials will eventually yield better outcomes. 

Know The Difference Between Painting and Repainting

The final price is affected by whether your house is freshly painted or has recently been painted. A new painting needs a fresh layer of putty, a coat of primer, and at least 2-3 coats of paint. 

On the other hand, repainting just needs a thin layer of putty for touch-ups, a layer of primer, and one or two coats of paint. Of course, new painting costs more than repainting.

The aforementioned range of variables affects how much a 2-bedroom painting will cost. Therefore, bear all the aforementioned aspects in mind before deciding to paint or repaint your property. 

How Long Will Painting a Two-Bedroom Apartment Take?

An interior of a two-bedroom apartment building, a large apartment painting, or high ceilings should be completely prepared and painted in one to two days. 

It’s crucial to remove everything from the room that can be moved in order to prepare. This will apply to all of the furniture and wall decorations. It will also be necessary to paint the ceiling.

In order to get your property ready for painting, you’ll need to thoroughly clean every surface. It is more durable in the long term because this enables optimal adherence between your paint layers. The last step is to wash and dry your walls before painting to make sure there are no loose particles on them.

This step of the procedure requires a lot of labor. Then it’s time to start painting! Depending on how many coats you need to apply to get the color you want, skilled painters should be able to do this task in one to two days for a small two-bedroom apartment. 

Here’s an expert painting tip!

Use Low-VOC or No-VOC paint to reduce fumes after painting your apartment, according to professional painters. Most neighborhood hardware stores carry these environmentally friendly interior paints, including Home Depot, Sherwin Williams, and Benjamin Moore.

It’s frequently a no-brainer when you consider this and the return on investment you get from painting an apartment before putting it for sale. Generally speaking, a bland apartment unit can be transformed into a contemporary urban retreat with a fresh coat of interior paint or new wall colors.

Why Hiring A Professional Painter Is Better Than DIY? 

It’s alluring to consider painting your apartment by yourself. However, if you have little to no experience or expertise in interior painting, it could result in unforeseen problems and expensive mistakes. In the long term, hiring professionals will save you money for the following reasons: 

  • No need to purchase painting supplies

You need to prepare the appropriate tools in addition to gallons of paint to complete your painting endeavor without damaging other surfaces. For instance, you’ll need to purchase paint roller frames and covers, paint trays, painter’s tape, and brushes. 

  • Major headaches can be avoided

Ultimately, hiring professional painters will save you hassles, particularly if you’re a novice DIY renter with little painting experience.

  • Excellent, long-lasting results are obtained

Reliable painting business will complete your painting project to your satisfaction with a team of knowledgeable and experienced painters. They will use professional painting techniques to produce outstanding outcomes using their in-depth expertise and years of experience.

Wrap Up

The decision to engage a reputable apartment painting contractor is simple given that interior home painting may provide a ROI of 107% on average. But how can you locate a nearby apartment painter who isn’t a pain in the neck to work with? Get in touch with the expert residential painters at Express Paint. Book a free quote today.