How to Pick the Perfect Paint Color for Every Room

Has the time come to give your home a facelift? Maybe you’ve decided you want to make the most out of each room. It’s traditional to keep one standard color for the ceilings, a different color for the walls, and give each room its own color theme as well as create an accent wall here and there. Picking the perfect paint color for every room may seem overwhelming. Where do you get started?

Detailing the Home

First on the project list is detailing the home. How many bedrooms do you have? How many bathrooms? What size is the living room, is there a separate dining room? Does the kitchen need a coat of paint? How many colors will you need? Getting these answers will help you determine the number of paint colors you will need.

Main Color

The main color of the house is the one you have to love the most as it will be apparent in your everyday operations. This color should be easy on the eyes, warm, and welcoming. A choice of white, beige, and off-white are your top-ranked colors for the main areas of the house. Lighter shades of grey are also commonly being used nowadays as well for a modern yet neutral look and feel. 


When choosing colors for your bedrooms, you will want to take note of the following things:

  • Who is staying in the room? 
  • Does your child have a say in the color that is painted on the walls? 
  • What effect do you want the end result to have? 
  • Is there a lot of natural lighting in the rooms

You may also look at painting your trim color. White or off-white are the most common for living spaces.

Getting Started

A good idea is to paint a swatch in one room and see if you are happy with it. See if the colors work for you, once you are happy with the room, you can get a painting company to carry on with the remainder of the house based on your desired colors.

Walking into each room is like walking into a new experience, the colors you will choose can make a world of difference.

Sometimes painting is not a good DIY project, call the experts, a company that has been dealing with paint and décor, someone who is cost-effective and can get the job done without delays.