Interior Paint Ideas and Inspirations You Must Try in 2021

Applying a fresh coat of paint to your walls is a great method to give your interiors a new look. However, which color tester pots should you choose, and what are the trendy paint themes for 2021?

Here is a detailed blog compiled after having a thorough discussion with skilled interior designers and color experts to find out which paint colors design enthusiasts should try adopting into their homes this year. 

There are many color combinations that offer us resilience and hope because they are practical and rock-solid while also being warm and optimistic. You’ll discover everything you need to take your home’s color scheme to the next level right here.

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The Interior Paint Inspirations to Work On in 2021

Repainting your walls is not a reasonably straightforward DIY project that has the potential to radically transform the look and feel of your space. One important question here is—which color should you pick? Various design professionals have a convergent perspective about the colors they anticipate would be prominent in 2021 to help you get started on the right foot.

While their choices range from airy neutrals to earthy colors to crowd-pleasing blues, one thing is certain—this year will be all about creating relaxing environments.

Muted Soft Color Scheme— Aegean Teal

Home design is now more about comfort than perfection. Staying at home allows us to notice how light varies throughout the day. Paint colors change over time, and some shades such as Aegean Teal are the highlights of this year. It is a slightly grayed-out blue and might appear soft and muted. Washed terra-cotta tones absorb and reflect light, and are very popular. 

Aegean Teal is chosen for its ability to bring harmony and tranquility to environments, whether it was applied on walls, cabinetry, or woodwork. As we spend more time at home, it’s crucial to create an environment that feels warm and welcome. This year’s Color of the Year is a balanced and relaxing hue that can be muted with a touch of gray to create interiors with a relaxed elegance.

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The gray undertones in Teal pair wonderfully with neutrals like warm beiges and soft cream colors, yet the sophisticated and very clever sense of the space is maintained. As mentioned earlier, the color will fluctuate depending on how much natural light it receives, ranging from a fresh, cool hue in bright light to a richer, muted blue-toned gray in moodier environments.

Bright Color Paired with Neutrals 

The tendency toward neutrals coupled with something bright—Illuminating colors contrasted with ultimate gray, is acknowledged by many interior designer specialists. Grey has been utilized in so many living rooms in recent seasons that it’s time for some vivacious mood enhancers that contrast well with the more staid hue.

Chalky White: Never Out of Fashion

In 2021, chalky white paint is a significant fad. Instead of pure white, choose whites with warmer undertones in very matte finishes or even textured finishes, such as Limewash or Roman Clay. It’s all about giving white walls a warm, antique, and inviting vibe.

A Sense of Smart Warmness

The warm hue—refined bronze that motivates us to find refuge in any area. With its ties to the natural biosphere, Urbane Bronze is a rich anchor that settles the mind in serenity and security. The home is now the ultimate getaway from the world, and the color is an easy and effective method to create a personal hideaway.

Urbane Bronze urges you to establish a haven for mindful reflection and renewal, which is what we all aspire to right now.

Rich Brown is the New Trend 

Furniture and decor will be dominated by beautiful rich browns. In fact, most of my coworkers are in the midst of planning their homes, and this shade of brown is a big part of their plans.

Lilac Light: The Cool Theme You Desire 

Color can be used to adorn while remaining subtle. If a little hideaway is awash with lavender hues, it can also radiate a peaceful, serene vibe. The idea is to keep to a muted pastel color scheme. In such a scenario, the paint expert can work within a purple palette while including contrasting textures, forms, and finishes to keep things interesting.

Why Not Go for Moody Hues

Darker, moodier colors will be used in some spaces, while lighter hues will be used in others. To make each room feel more special, this adds depth, visual intrigue, and a clear definition of the spaces.

Chic is Saffron! 

Even if your travel plans have been canceled, you can still flaunt your jet setter status. Use strong colors like saffron to infuse a sense of adventure into your house.

Saffron’s regal hue is an unexpected splash of color that goes with practically anything. Moody charcoals, deep reds, or a refreshing turquoise can be used as backdrops or highlights to the refined hue of saffron in 2021. Getting comfortable on a plush velvet sofa or painting an entire room in saffron would instantly transport you to another country. This color transports you to another country without the need for a passport.

Blush Pink is the New Pink

The hue may have been called by millennials, but blush tones are now regarded as neutral by many designers. In 2021, we anticipate seeing more of this in locations that were previously allocated for white paint only.

Do you want to transform your home into a relaxing haven? You’ll want to stay on the softer side of things. We believe that during this turbulent moment, people will prefer more serene—yet still pleasant and uplifting—interiors, both in terms of color and pattern. Chalk, light sky blues, milk, oatmeal, oyster and celadon greens will be go-tos for a more tranquil 2021.

Have you made up your mind about what color themes to go with for your interior paint? Give us a call to book a free quote and get started right away.