Questions to Consider Before Painting Your Commercial Space

Appearances matter and whether you own a business or a building, potential customers and employees make a judgement the moment they walk through the door. That’s why keeping your commercial space up to date and looking its best, is critical to your business.

The issue that most businesses and building managers face is a limited budget. That is why knowing what to ask a professional painting company will help you move forward to with making a big impact to your commercial space.

How much does it cost?

Some professional painters charge by the hour and others charge by square footage of the wall or space that needs to be covered. Some painters use a combination of both to determine what is the most efficient and affordable way to estimate the cost of a paint job. Rest assured, a paint job is easily the least expensive way to make a big change to your business or building.  Express Paint offers free virtual estimates and on-site visits to provide you an accurate price and timeline of the job.

How much paint is needed to complete the job?

This is dependent upon the space or number of walls that need to be covered and will be determined by the professional painters. Remember that floor square footage is different than square footage on walls. This can be determined by multiplying the length of each wall by the height of each wall and then adding all of them together. Most manufacturers advise that a gallon of their paint will cover roughly 250-400 square feet.

Is there an additional charge for different paint materials?

Paint manufacturers charge variously based on the quality of paint that they offer. Pricing tends to vary depending on the type of paint that is used. A decent quality of paint typically costs between $60-$80 per gallon.

What type of paint is used?

Typically, contractors use a medium quality of paint that has a primer mixed in. However, at Express Paint, we pride ourselves in using the highest quality of paint available with zero  or low Volatile Organic Compounds commonly known as VOCs. These eco-friendly paint options deliver durability, without compromising on quality and look.

Are small repairs (cracks and holes) included or factored into the cost?

With a normal paint job, it is expected that there are minor hairline cracks and nail holes that may need filling and sanding prior to painting. Fixing these imperfections  are included in the work. However, if there are larger cracks or other damage that require repair, an estimate will be provided.

How long does an average job take?

This is dependent on the space or number of walls that need to be painted. There are a lot of factors that can impact the time required to finish a job. For example, the age of the business or building, the paint colour and type of paint, and the texture of the walls all affect painting and drying times. Professional painters however are twice as fast as the average person due to their experience and expertise in the field. At Express Paint, we use an efficient painting process and send teams according to the space that needs to be completed. On average, most of our paint jobs take between 1-3 days.