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Express Paint offers drywall installation and repair along with our many painting services. Your drywall may also have holes or be in need of some repairs. These imperfections will need to be repaired to ensure a clean finish when it comes time to painting. Our team is well experienced in drywall repair and installation and would love to help you with your next project.

We can help install drywall into your brand new home, or refinish that basement wall that’s been looking damaged for years. Our team can install drywall and follow-up with a beautiful coat of paint. Drywall installation and repair is a necessary step in the entire painting process.

Quality Work From Express Paint

Our team at Express Paint will provide drywall repair and installation when required to do so as part of the painting process. Keep in mind, when we come to quote your project, we will never charge any hidden fees.

Contact us when you need drywall repair before your next painting project. We offer so much more than just painting services.

Carpe Diem

Drywall installation and repair can get messy and it’s not a fun project to attempt yourself as imperfections can be very visible. You’ll be happy with our team. We will follow our no mess policy and leave everything in pristine condition. Call us today to book your quote.